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miucrd is a crd acc run by one admin! providing tuts, crd help, coding help, and commissions. i do not take crd reqs, only tut reqs.cr xaiotng or miucrd

to know

the only crds i charge copies for are my own designs, feel free to check out my comms for more info. whatever is in my personal carrd does not affect this account. do not spam me to open reqs when i have them closed. tuts can be requested through dms or retrospring. i will not make tuts for carrds whose creators have their own comm system. i dont allow tuts on my own designs unless we're mutuals and you have my permission. i don't make tuts of crds i sell copies of. lastly please remember to cr me if you rm or ib any of my carrds.

do not interact

you fit the basic dni criteria. will remove my credits from copies i give out or templates i make. claim credit for any of my own carrds. you're from nsfwtwt. believe lesbians can oppress mlm. use the toothpaste flag. radfem or terf.

meet the admin

hi my name is uka or nera, many of you may know me as the owner of ishimori.crd.co! im 16 and use any prns except they

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